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Since arriving in Accra Ghana Nkwa Dua restaurant is center stage in the demand for delicious, eco-chic dining experiences. Nkwa Dua’s menu features a range of traditional and international dishes. Additionally, the restaurant’s reputation continues to grow as the word spreads about the powerfully sensational flavor combinations, sauces, mouth-watering appetizers, and delectable main course entrees.

Naturally Nkwa Dua’s main customers are millennials who love Nkwa Dua’s trendy eco-chic vibe and delicious food, vegans and vegetarians who love the healthy menu options, and busy professional who want to grab filling but light meals during and after a hard workday.

So, check out Nkwa Dua’s Menu. Now you can order familiar meals and try something new to discover new flavors and find new favorites. So what are you waiting for? Call or order online at NkwaDua.com


Nature is full of rich vibrant colors. As a chef, my ultimate goal is to inspire your taste buds and senses with the colorful vibrancy of your order.
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