Ama Kambon

A Culinary Journey from Chef Ama Kambon: from Culinary Prodigy Kid Chef to Chef to the Stars

Formative Years in Ghana

– Early Relocation: Born in Chicago, Ama moved to Ghana at six months old, setting the stage for a childhood deeply connected to Ghanaian culture and cuisine.

– A Kitchen Prodigy: Ama’s culinary journey began at the tender age of three, cooking alongside her aunt Nataki, who later became not only a mentor but also a business partner in her culinary ventures.

 A Flourishing Entrepreneurial Spirit

– Budding Culinary Star: By age five, Ama launched her own cooking show for kids and managed a website featuring blog posts in Twi, Yoruba, English, and Medu Neter, showcasing her remarkable entrepreneurial spirit early on

Cultivating Culinary and Business Skills

– Ghanaian Chef Internships: Starting at nine, Ama’s apprenticeships with renowned Ghanaian chefs accelerated her culinary skills, complemented by education in food management, health, nutrition, and business.

– Broadening Influence: Through radio and live interviews, and talks on healthy living, Ama has established herself as a youthful influencer in nutritional health.

 Embracing Celebrity Status

– Transition to Celebrity Chef: At sixteen, Ama embraced her status as a celebrity chef, focusing on her mission to support emerging chefs through her new food location and a planned commercial kitchen.


 Supportive Family Dynamics

– Family Support: Ama is especially grateful to her aunt Nataki for her initial guidance, and to her parents for their unwavering support. They didn’t just nurture her dreams; they actively encouraged her pursuit of pushing the boundaries as a young entrepreneur.

Creative and Literary Achievements

– Beyond the Kitchen: An award-winning author and avid reader, Ama enriches her culinary expertise with a passion for literature and animation, reflecting her multifaceted talents.

 Future Aspirations

– Inspiring Future Chefs: Through her initiatives and the upcoming Nkwa Dua show, Ama seeks to inspire and empower the next generation of chefs, sharing the beauty of Ghanaian cuisine with the world.

Chef Ama Kambon’s journey from her early days in Ghana to becoming a celebrated chef is a testament to her talent, hard work, and the rich cultural heritage that informs her culinary creations. Her story is not just one of individual achievement but a tribute to the collective support of her family and the vibrant Ghanaian community that has been part of her journey every step of the way.

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