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Choose multiple options and we’ll introduce a few at a time over the course of the month. 

You are in control. Choose the budget that fits your lifestyle and we’ll find a meal plan that fits you.

So that is an easy one. There are fan-favorite items that are always present. Then you can find season options. 

Are you vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, or something else? Let’s talk about it during your consultation and always consult your health care professional before considering diet changes.

Yes. Let us know what you want 7 days before the end of the month and we can modify your next month’s subscription before the next monthly renewal. Again, you are in control of how your subscription works each month.

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New Subscription Questions

Inspect it. Then, take photos. Follow smart food safety handling guides. Store, refrigerate and enjoy your meal portions.   

Call, web chat, or email for a meeting.  

We’ve got you covered. Use your own drivers or work with one of our preferred delivery vendors to receive your order for 15-25 cedis flat. Beats a trip to the grocery store to stock up, right?  

Enjoy variety. If you’d like to try a new option just post online before Tuesday at 12:00 Noon and we’ll explore your alternate menu options.

Actually, you can pick up to 2 locations for delivery. So, yes we can deliver to your home or office for the same flat rate. Just make sure you have ample room for refrigeration.  

Sometimes when you have access to much food at one time the buffet effect kicks in where you let yourself indulge more than you normally would. Need more? Yes, we have 2 main delivery days so you can request extra servings at the bulk rate for the next delivery date subject to availability.

Click here to read our transparent terms and conditions. We tried to think of answers to every possible consideration but let us know what other questions you have.