nkwa dua gourmet cheesecake

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Welcome to Chef Ama’s Culinary Adventure!

Hi, I’m Kid Chef Ama! Since I was five, I’ve been passionate about cooking and inspiring others to go vegan. Now, as I celebrate my birthday, I’m stepping up to share more things online. Being Ghanaian and studying online in the USA, I’ve been inspired by the idea of foreign exchanges, pen pals, and connecting cultures through food.

Stunning Menu

Accra premium

Gourmet Cream cheesecake


Accra premium

Gourmet Deep Dish Ghanaian Fusion Pizza


Accra premium

As Above Sobolo Dark Limited Edition (bottle) 500ml


Accra premium

Red Red


Accra premium

Cheesecake slice


Accra premium

As Above Sobolo glass


Accra premium

Kebabs or Yam Croquettes (3 count) with dipping sauce


Accra premium

Regular Popcorn


Accra premium



Gourmet Pizza

Deep Dish,

As Above Sobolo

Sip and Savour the Experience

Gourmet Desserts

Rich Flavor for Delicacy Connoiseur

Local Dishes

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Regularly scheduled events for members to connect with other professionals, influencers, and local celebrities in a sophisticated setting.

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