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Whether you are coming to Ghana for the first time, visiting again, or having a farewell dinner. This is the meal experience to create lasting memories you can taste. Celebrate with friends, family, or colleagues for an unforgettable fusion of taste and culture and dine with celebrity Kid Chef Ama Kambon. 🍽️

Try the flavors of Ghana’s AMA-zing foods, textures, and colors to enchant your senses. Reservations are required.


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  • Standard reservation includes up to four participants. Add additional guests to expand the fun.
  • There is a standard menu for all the Taste of Ghana Experiences. Choose from All-Ghanaian or Fusion.
  • Event runs 1-2 hours depending on group size.
  • Contact us in advance for groups over 15 to ensure a seamless and delightful experience.
  • Our dining venue can only accommodate up to 60 participants for this event at one time.
  • Larger parties can come in at staged reservation times 2 hours apart.
  • Have a smaller party? Click here to check out our couple’s experience

Rave Reviews for Celebrity Kid Chef Ama Kambon's Taste of Ghana, Africa Experience

The food was DIVINE!
The food was DIVINE!
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"I was fortune to be able to sample cuisine created by Chef Ama. Let me tell you, THE FOOD WAS DIVINE! 💚 It fed my belly, but also my spirit. As a years long vegan, I found Ama's treats to be flavorful, and visually appealing. Everything was delicious!! If you are in Ghana - Accra area on holiday, please do not hesitate, you will have missed something special."

Tamika, North Carolina, USA
I could have stayed in Ghana longer just to eat there
I could have stayed in Ghana longer just to eat there
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"We had an incredible dinner. I wish I could have stayed in Ghana longer just to eat there every day!"

Iya Bashea, Maryland, USA
Sign up and thank me later.
Sign up and thank me later.
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"This was my first meal ever in Ghana. To be frank, I am not vegan, and I wanted to eat at a famous place that serves meat. Our group ate at the other place later on the trip. She is a child but Chef Ama's food and the atmosphere was better than anything we experienced in Ghana. You do not even miss the meat. You have to do this experience. Sign up and thank me later.

Dee, California, USA
Chef Ama has the best ITAL food I've had in Ghana
Chef Ama has the best ITAL food I've had in Ghana
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Chef Ama's has the best ITAL food I've had in Ghana. This is the way good food is supposed to be. I am very impressed that such a small girl is the chef. More fyah to her and her family.

Ras, Jamaica
We will always include Nkwadua in our travel plans.
We will always include Nkwadua in our travel plans.
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"Everyone coming to Ghana for the first time or a revisit should do this dining experience. We did it as our group welcome dinner and loved it so much we did it again as our farewell. We will always include Nkwadua in our travel plans. Thank you so much Chef Ama. We are supporters for life!"

Traci, Toronto, Canada
It was sooo tasty!
It was sooo tasty!
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"I loved the food! It was sooo tasty! I definitely recommend it!"

Camila, Brazil

Frequently Asked Questions

60 total. But speak to us first to confirm dates, times, and availability.

1-2 Hours depending on group size? 

Just bring yourselves in your appetite. Everything else is included.

Like all food tastings, the dining experience includes being surprised by the menu items presented. 

You can choose to dine from the all-Ghanaian dishes or international/Ghanaian fusion menu.

All participants are trying foods they’ve never had for the first time. This is an enjoyable event for people of all diets.

Everyone should come hungry.

You should make reservations ideally no later than one week before your event date.

People with food allergies generally have a certain way they interact with all food services. Communication is key. Do give us a list of any food allergies for people in your party. Message us directly with any allergy concerns as you would any food service. 

The taste of Africa events are private that we have had occasions where two groups would like an experience on the same night and if both are in agreement we can accommodate as long as both parties have a guest list of under 60 persons combined.

Preparing a multi-course meal takes a lot of choreography and a well-coordinated kitchen and team.

Thankfully, Celebrity Kid Chef Ama is the resident chef for a venue that houses Nkwa Dua. The tasting experiences are held here so you come to her venue.

 The entire guest list should be accounted for when you book and pay for your reservation. Please call and speak with someone directly to see how we can accommodate new members of your dinner party.