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Meet Chef Ama Kambon

At age four, Kid Chef Ama Kambon began cooking with her aunt and loved it so much she decided to launch a cooking show to help people eat healthy. So, at just four years old she wrote, filmed, and starred in her own cooking show for kids. She then launched a website to sell it on that also featured blog posts she wrote in Twi, Yoruba, English, and Medu Neter.

The child-friendly food preparation videos on her website was her first entrepreneurial endeavor. It won her the love and support of adults and children all over the world and she has still been blogging, cooking, and in the public eye ever since.

Raised in Ghana, West Africa chef Ama is a public speaker who interviews on shows like Good Morning Ghana demonstrating healthy Ghanaian and international dishes.

She has also done radio and live interviews around the world and local talks about healthy living to adult audiences. Now, though she's only a junior high schooler, (JHS student), she is now set to inspire people in bigger ways.
Now, nine years later, Ama has held paid jobs and internships at two restaurants in Accra as a sous chef. Subsequently, she co-founded her own food and catering service with her aunt, and she continues to thrive as a leading youthpreneur in nutritional health for children and adults. Though cooking is her passion, notably, in her free time she is an avid reader and writer. She reads as many as 110 books a month and she's also an award-winning author and amateur animator.

On the new Nkwa Dua show, chef Ama and her guests will find cool new ways to make some of their favorite local and international foods with an AMAzing flair to the delicious dishes.

Audience Demographics


Black people Born and raised abroad who are now permanently settled and living in Ghana (usually with no family connection to Ghana) 
  • Middle class Income ($50,000 - $150,000 annually)
  • College Educated
  • High demand for Black Ghanaian-owned and cultural brands first
  • Seek foreign style marketing approaches to signal what to buy
Born and raised in Ghana or raised abroad and returned to and living in Ghana permanently
  • Middle class Income (36,000 - 90,000 Ghc annually)
  • College Educated (often schooled abroad)
  • Likes what is trendy
  • Values celebrity/influencer/foreign endorsement to signal what to buy
  • Young professionals living on their own for the first time Age 30-50
  • Parents with school-age children/Young families 25-35
  • Empty nesters and Retirees Age 60+
  • Very well-read studied on global affairs
  • Active in their communities/Care about social causes
  • Prefer buying local/Ghanaian over multinational brands
  • Lots of disposable income to spend on higher ticket, quality, or luxury items
  • Have a broad social & professional contact network
  • Appreciate quality products and packaging
  • Want great customer service
  • Loyal repeat buyers/consumers

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