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Impact of Vegans on the Immediate Environment

The extinction of animals and the adverse effects of climate change have become more obvious in today’s society. Some people believe that if we continue down this path of obliviousness to the important factors that the environment depends on, the world would become inhabitable within a couple of years. 

We need a change in life patterns and these changes can come in different forms. One of the ways to look beyond the mere satisfaction of indulging in a meal or wearing things made from animal products is to choose a plant-based lifestyle. 

It is common knowledge that producing meat and dairy requires more water, energy, and land than cultivating plants. Additionally, eating animals results in deforestation, species extinction, and the annual emission of billions of tonnes of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Opting for veganism will help drop these numbers and steer us from the self-destructive path we are currently treading. 


According to scientists, in order to achieve the goal of keeping global warming far below 2 degrees, a worldwide change in nutrition is required.

This article will help explore the possible questions you may have regarding veganism. 

Is it best for the planet? What does a sustainable diet for the future look like? 

The immune system of a large population has been compromised due to the recent onslaught of diseases that we have been exposed to. There has been a spike in the death rate and health complications during and post-covid. It is now time to take initiative to build a healthy body environment and physical environment for sustainability. Changing to a plant-based diet might not be the ultimate solution, but it definitely helps and gives you an upper hand over every other person. 

For clarification, there are different forms of vegetarianism and they all differ from veganism. This allows you to ease into the lifestyle. You can take gradual steps till you are ready to completely boycott meat and animal products.


Types of Plant-based Diet  

  • Veganism 

Veganism is the strictest plant-based diet. Vegans abstain from all animal-based meals, as well as all forms of dairy and eggs. Although generally regarded as a healthy diet in terms of illness prevention, getting adequate protein, iron, and calcium on a vegan diet requires forethought, though it is not insurmountable. Many people begin with a less stringent version of vegetarianism and then transition to a vegan diet.

  • Lacto-Vegetarianism

A Lacto-vegetarian diet involves avoiding all animal products, including eggs, while still consuming dairy. Due to the inclusion of calcium-rich milk products, this type of vegetarianism has the benefit of decreasing the risk of calcium deficiency.

  • Ovo-Vegetarianism

This is one of the best options for people who are lactose intolerant. Ovo-vegetarians consume eggs and egg products but skip dairy products, meat and other animal products in their diet.  

  • Lacto-Ovo Vegetarianism

Lacto-Ovo vegetarians abstain from eating any meat but are likely to consume dairy and eggs. It is simpler to maintain calcium and protein levels when eggs and milk are included, and going vegetarian this way is generally easier to adjust to.

What are the advantages of not consuming meat?

Additionally, avoiding specific animal products may help lower the risk of colorectal, breast, stomach, and prostate cancers. It is believed that certain types of cancer are encouraged by eating red meat, smoked meat, processed meats, and meats cooked at high temperatures 

Vegans don’t eat these things because their diet excludes meat. This may reduce their risk of developing cancer.

What happens when you don’t take dairy?

Dairy products, which some research suggests may modestly raise the risk of prostate cancer, are also avoided by vegans.

However, research suggests that dairy consumption may help lower the chance of developing other malignancies, including colon cancer.

So, it’s possible that avoiding dairy is not what reduces vegans’ overall chance of developing cancer.

The fact that these studies are observational must be emphasized. They make it difficult to determine the precise cause of vegans’ lower risk of developing cancer.

However, it appears prudent to concentrate on increasing the quantities of fresh fruits, vegetables, and legumes you eat every day while reducing your consumption of processed, smoked, and overcooked meats until researchers know more.

How Does a Plant-based Diet Serve the Sustainability of the Environment? 

Changing to a plant-based diet instead of one heavy on meat and other animal products has a great chance of lowering carbon footprints and preventing climate change. 

In 2019 upon research, experts concluded that a shift in diet toward plant-based foods and away from animal products is essential for enhancing the health of our planet. According to them, future predictions indicate that vegan and vegetarian diets were associated with and will play a significant role in the highest reductions in greenhouse-gas emissions.

According to research by the United Nations Environment Programme, by 2050, a global transition to a plant-based diet could cut greenhouse gas emissions from food production by 10% and mortality by 70%. Animal products, including meat and dairy, often demand more resources and create higher emissions than plant-based alternatives. Reducing cattle herds would also cut methane emissions, which are the second major cause of global warming after carbon dioxide, says the World Health Organization.


Healthy living contributes to the sustainability of the environment. A plant-based diet is beneficial to humans and animals as well. Less consumption of animal products and affinity for wearable animal products will lead to a better environment. 

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