Gourmet Pesto Pizza


Basil pesto base sauce, tomato, onion, sauteed mushroom, cheese

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Get Gourmet Pesto pizza exponentially better. Get our Gourmet Pesto Perfecto deep dish masterpiece. Also, available vegan & gluten-free.

About Your Gourmet Pesto Pizza Experience

When you bite into the hot, delectable gourmet pesto pizza, the freshness and vibrancy of its flavors will satisfy you. We make the rich tangy pesto sauce with fresh basil and a nutty base marinated for deep flavor. Our process creates a perfect harmony of taste sensations that genuinely sets this pizza apart from the rest.

And the crust! Oh, the crust! Our dough is flaky and crisp on the outside and with a perfectly baked center. With just the right amount of artisanal aging, it brings out its natural complexity and depth of flavor.

The Game Changer

But what really sets this gourmet pesto pizza apart is the use of unique and fresh ingredients that add a level of depth and sophistication that is truly unparalleled. We make our pesto from the freshest basil leaves and marinated garlic, giving it a bold, herbaceous flavor that perfectly complements the creamy cheese and crispy crust.

Whether you’re a fan of traditional pizza or simply looking for a delicious and unique twist on a classic favorite, this deep dish pesto pizza is a perfect choice. With its bold and vibrant flavors, artisanal aged crust, and use of fresh and unique ingredients, it is a true standout among gourmet pizza offerings.
So if you’re looking for a truly exceptional pizza experience, treat yourself to Nkwa Dua’s gourmet pesto pizza today.

You’re sure to be impressed by the quality and creativity that goes into every bite. So why wait? Come and experience the true taste of this gourmet deep-dish pizza today!

Dairy-free cheeses for vegans

If you want vegan pizza options, you are in the right place. We created a special line of in-house aged vegan ricotta and mozzarella cheese. The combination adds the right level of creaminess and richness that is truly remarkable.


Recommended Beverage Pairings for your Pesto Pizza

Are you looking for a nice beverage to pair well with your gourmet deep-dish Alfredo pizza? Try a litre of Chef Ama’s As Above Sobolo? The flavor combination pairs well with all of Nkwa Dua’s signature pizzas.

Critics Corner

So are you still skeptical? People love Nkwa Dua’s food. Click here to check out our Google online reviews to read what everyone is talking about.

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