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As Above Sobolo is the newest and most popular recipe from chef Ama. As Above Sobolo has a naturally rich magenta color that comes from the brewed sorrel leaves.

As Above Sobolo is the perfect chilled beverage for a hot day. It’s so refreshing with the perfect sweetness and rich taste.

Variations of the same drink are found all over the world. Throughout Africa, Latin America, Central America This hibiscus drink is popular globally.

Chef Ama’s recipe

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Family size (20 servings), Half Size (10 Servings), Individual size (1 serving), Jumbo size (4 servings), Party/Event size (70 servings)


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Our Ingredients:
Filtered water, freshly brewed sorrel, ginger, fresh herbs, dried natural plant spices, vegan sugar (in varieties without ginger by request).

The Delicious Ingredients in As Above Sobolo are known to contain

lots of vitamin C

loads of antioxidants

Rich iron

absorable  calcium

Ingredients are Also Associated with

Lowering the risk of heart disease

Relieving stress

Lowering the risk of cancer

Boosting the immune system

Maintaining a healthy weight

Reducing diabetes

As Above Sobolo Wholesale Options

Would you like to sell the best sobolo in Ghana to your guests and have them flocking to your venue to buy more? Then you are in the right place. If you have a restaurant, provision shop, grocery store, hotel, or guest house have your buyer contact us for wholesale options by the case, or by the Decaliter (10 liter). Call, WhatsApp or email us to register as a wholesaler. 

Need Help Fundraising for your Cause?

Fundraising just got easier. Inquire to see if you qualify for a fundraising package. If you qualify, you can sell the best sobolo in Ghana as a fundraiser for your organization, group, church, team, or children's activity. So, get in contact today and let us see how we can help. 
As Above Sobolo is a perfect 100% natural nothing artificial drink to pair well with almost everything on our menu. Click here to see what Nkwa Dua has in store for your meal options.