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Popular Food Items

Nkwa Dua Burger
Chickpea Burger
Pesto pasta by Nkwa Dua
Pesto Pasta

Savor the rich cheesy pesto flavor baked onto everyone’s favorite spiraled noodle. Made from rotini and our in-house pesto sauce made from basil, garlic, nuts, seeds, and spices. A favorite of pasta lovers, garlic lovers, and pesto lovers.

Nkwa Dua groundnut stew with yam
Groundnut Stew with yam

Groundnut stew is a Ghanaian favorite. The marinated flavors in Chef Ama’s recipe will fill you with joy. Not too thick, not too thin. Enjoy this dish made from groundnuts, tomatoes, veggies, herbs, and spices. Ask for boiled or broiled yam.

Nkwa Dua fried tofu
Battered Tofu
Nkwa Dua tofu cutlets
Garlic & Herb Tofu
Nkwa dua vegan bbq tofu strips
Spicy BBQ Strips
Nkwa Dua Burger
Veggie Burger
Nkwa Dua Burger
Bean Burgers
Nkwa Dua Burger
Chickpea Burger
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