Accrapoletan Cheese Deep Dish Pizza


Better than a Neapolitan pizza. Get the Accrapoletan Cheese Deep Dish Pizza if you want to skip all the toppings and just enjoy some hearty sauce and melting cheese.

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Get the Accrapolitan Cheese Gourmet Deep Dish Pizza, the beauty of simplicity and tradition. Our Accrapolitan cheese pizza is a classic and favorite among pizza lovers worldwide, and for good reason. Made with only the finest ingredients and following the authentic recipe of Naples, this pizza is a true masterpiece.

Our Accrapolitan Cheese pizza features a perfectly crispy, thin crust that is cooked to perfection in our oven. Topped with the finest, freshest cheese, which melts into a creamy, rich, and delicious layer of goodness.

But that’s it – there are no other toppings on this pizza. Why? Because we believe that the beauty of a Neapolitan pizza lies in its simplicity. By using only the best quality ingredients and following the traditional recipe, we allow the true flavors of the crust and cheese to shine through.

Each bite of our Neapolitan pizza is a celebration of the Italian culinary tradition, a reminder of the beauty of simplicity, and a testament to the skill and dedication of our pizza makers. So come and experience the true taste of Naples with our delicious Neapolitan pizza – we promise you won’t be disappointed!

About the Vegan Accrapolitan Cheese Deep Dish Pizza

Are you looking for a delicious, plant-based alternative to your favorite comfort food? Finally, look no further than our pizza!

We start with a perfectly baked crust made from organic flour and topped with a blanket of our slow-marinated stew fresh tomatoes, garlic, onions, and Ghanaian spices. 

Next, we add a generous amount of our long marinated. But, if you don’t want that unhealthy effect, but do want all the satisfaction. Now, you can have the best of both worlds.

Recommended Beverage Pairings

Are you looking for a nice beverage to pair well with your gourmet Deep Dish Pizza? Try a litre of Chef Ama’s As Above Sobolo? It is another Ghanaian favorite and the flavor combination pairs well with Nkwa Dua’s signature pizzas.

Moreover, As Above Sobolo is also full of exhilarating goodness that you’ll never believe is actually healthful, too.


Critics Corner

So, are you still skeptical? People love Nkwa Dua’s food. Click here to check out our Google online reviews to read what everyone is talking about.

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